Thursday, January 26, 2006

Google - Putting a stop to spyware -

An new coalition aimed at fighting spyware and spyware pushers was announced today. The project called is sponsored by Google, Lenovo and Sun Microsystems. The organizers include Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center, Oxford Internet Institute and Consumer Reports’ Webwatch. The term “badware” is defined on the site as:

a term we use to encompass the broad range of malicious software that is sneaking onto people’s computers, including spyware and deceptive adware. It can subvert your computer for the benefit for a third party, frustrate you with unwanted advertising, and even steal your most personal information.

The site includes a form to tell your spyware or badware horror stories and a form where users can report details about malware/badware. A draft copy of the software guidelines defining badware is available here.

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