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Google adwords review

What are Google AdWords?
Google AdWords are little advertisements displayed on Google. These advertisements appear on the right hand side of the browser every time a search is done on the Google search engine.Anybody including you and I can purchase advertisements on Google.

How do Google AdWords Work?
Google AdWords uses the pay-per-click method.

Pay-per-click just means that the advertisers pay a predetermined amount of money every time someone clicks on their advertisement.

For Google, advertisers bid to have their ads shown when a specific search term is entered.
The higher the bid the higher on the page the ad will show. Being at the top of the page will get you more clicks than ads lower on the page.

Advertisers bid anywhere from $0.05 to $50 per click. That click sends the Internet surfers to a website address of the advertisers choosing.

The thing that makes this advertising method superior over other methods is that your ad will only be shown to people that are interested. It is a very targeted method that leads to more sales.

Let's say that you are selling flowers. You would bid on the search term "flowers". When somebody does a search on Google for the term "flowers", your ad will appear.

On the other hand, when someone does a search for the term "dogs", your ad will not appear because you did not bid on that search term. You get to decide which search terms are relevant to your campaign and bid on that search term.

What is so special about Google AdWords?
Simply put Google AdWords are better than any other advertising method on the Internet. The second you put up a Google AdWords ad your will start to see results.

Here are some of the reasons that make Google AdWords superior:
- Google boasts over 200 million searches per day
- It only takes fifteen minutes for your ads to appear
- You only need a minimum of $5 to open an account
- The traffic you get from Google is of very high quality
- AdWords is simple to use and beginners can catch on fast
- AdWords is perfect for testing potential ad campaigns

Granted, there are tons of places to market your affiliate programs on the Internet. But in my experience, Google AdWords has brought me more sales than all of the others combined.
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