Monday, November 28, 2005

Adgenta embed ads in posts, feeds etc

AdGenta is a new, innovative ad network tailored especially for bloggers. Tired of having to code your template to place ads on your blog? Tired of poor revenue? AdGenta changes that ... starting now.

AdGenta is a post-centric advertising system. Post-centric ads appear wherever your post does: your blog, your feed, and search results. Each ad is based on what you think it should be, using keywords you define, not context a computer thinks up.

AdGenta has worked to bring bloggers a wide variety of ads, all keyword-driven, that you can leverage to earn money from your content. To learn more about the power of advertising in blogs.

Adgenta & Qumana

Qumana is a free, easy-to-use blog editor that combines powerful WYSIWYG capabilities with easy one-click ad insertion. With Qumana, you can insert AdGenta ads when and where you want. It's that simple.

Qumana works with almost every blog platform, letting you post and cross post your content and your ads, wherever you want. Adgenta offers bloggers and DIY personal publishers more freedom of choice and greater control over how they use online advertising. Qumana: freedom for bloggers.

AdGenta + Qumana: Easy blogging, easy money. To learn more about Qumana, or to download it free, please go here

Getting started with AdGenta is simple. Fill out our easy application form, and in a few minutes you will be ready to insert ads into your blog posts.
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Arieanna said...

Thanks for promoting our services! Hope they come in handy for you.