Saturday, November 19, 2005

Blogging tips for beginners

Blogging for beginners tip 1:

Get Started with a blog
There are many options for starting your own Blog, and most of them are FREE.

Below is a list of FREE Blog services:

  • Blogger - the most popular free Blogging service. Comes with great technical support and an online learning center, including a three-hour video that teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about Blogs and Blogging.
  • eBloggy
  • Blog-City
  • Blog Drive
  • BlogEasy
  • 22 Blog
  • BlogOnTheWeb
  • LiveJournal
  • Angelfire Blog uilder

  • Blogging for beginners tip 2:

    Post your ideas or articles
    Whether your blog is of a personal or business nature, add a personal tone when posting. Instead of just listing articles on your blog, write as if you're sitting across from your readers and enjoying a coffee with them.

    Tell your readers about what's going on in your business rather than simply advertising to them. Add your own voice which will, in turn, become the new voice of your business. Remember, blogs are interactive. They're a chance for you to reach people in a more personal and impactful way than regular static web pages. Use this to your advantage to build relationships with your readers.

    Blogging for beginners tip 2:

    Publish you blogs
    Publish your blogs to various Blog Directories or Articles directories and get free promoting to your blogs.
    Here are few article directories:

    Your can find more Resourses here
    Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites

    Blogging for beginners tip 3:

    USe RSS Syndication and get more readers to your blogs
    To get the best out of your blog you need to blog regularly.Make a schedule and try to stick to it.It is best to Blog everyday with fresh and rich content to get visitors rushing to your site.Although it is best adviced to blog on a daily basis it should be noted that blogging stale 5 line content will not help you in any way.It is therefore better that you are Blogging 2-3 time a week with new and rich content with properly formatted html. If you are using a script like for blogging make sure that you are pinging sites.This will tell them that your blog has been updated. You may also ping sites manually.Below are the list of sites you can ping :

    Blogging for beginners tip 4:

    Earn Money from advertising with your blogs
    Earn money by adding google adsense ads and eminiMall advertising. Your can also use your affiliate links of amazon and ebay etc. For more useful blogs visit Make money blogging .


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