Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Onsite Advertising is Goolge new Adsense feature

Onsite Advertiser Sign-up is an extension of Google site targeting that makes it easier for advertisers to bid on your site.

When you use Onsite Advertiser Sign-up, your ad units will display an 'Advertise on this site' link that takes advertisers to an informational landing page with details about your site and the Google AdWords advertising program. Advertisers who sign up through this page will be guided to create an ad targeted specifically to your site, and only your site. When more advertisers create and target ads to your site, you'll benefit from the competition as it drives your potential earnings up.

Your content is valuable. And starting within the next two weeks, advertisers will be able to bid for placement on your site right from your web pages. With Onsite Advertiser Sign-up, a new feature of AdSense, your AdSense ad units will display an 'Advertise on this site' link that takes interested advertisers to a page which you can tailor for your business. On this page they can see your details about your site and the Google AdWords program. Advertisers who sign up for AdWords through this landing page will create an ad automatically targeted to your site, and your site alone. And more advertisers competing to display ads on your site means more revenue for you.

Before Onsite Advertiser Sign-up becomes active, we recommend you customize the landing page advertisers will see when they click your 'Advertise on this site' link. Just follow these simple steps to customize the landing page with your logo, color scheme and site description today. You can also view our demo for additional feature information and images.

If you'd prefer not to participate in Onsite Advertiser Sign-up, you can opt out before it starts by visiting the My Account tab.

Empower advertisers to bid for your inventory directly from your pages.

"Advertise on this site" links in your ad units let advertisers know they have the opportunity to place ads on your site, and enable them to act precisely at their moment of interest with the click of a mouse.

When advertisers click on these links, they'll be taken to a landing page from which they can quickly open an AdWords account and create an ad targeting your site. More advertisers competing for your inventory means more revenue for you.

Advertisers signing in through your custom landing page will create site-targeted ads that automatically target your site, and your site alone. As they do with all site-targeted ads, advertisers will bid for your inventory on a pay-per-impression basis, and the ads they create
will compete against all other Google site- and content-targeted ads relevant to your site — which means higher revenues for you.

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