Monday, November 21, 2005

The FeedBurner Ad Network

Feedburner Launches Ad Network Following the likes of the highly successful Google AdSense networks and the recent small fish Chitika, Feedburner has Launched their own sd network for Feedburner feeds. If you look through their Publisher Services page and into their “Monetize” section, they tout both Google Adsense and their own network (Which does not have a catchy name, I think it should. A catchy brand name would make it more pallatable and easier to assimilate. Adz-n-Such just does not cut it) Some big names such as Gawker networks, CIO, BuzzMachine etc have signed on.

Today we formally announced the FeedBurner Ad Network, another addition to our expanding suite of services for publishers.The ad network was developed to help publishers monetize content and is backed by the trustworthy subscriber statistics we've been providing for years (well, almost years....18 months...well, a little more than 18 months). A handful of early participants are called out in today's press release, including CIO, SmartMoney, BuzzMachine, PC World, Computerworld and the Gawker network to name a few (naming only a few is better because naming the many would result in a list that would leave you thinking "couldn't they have just named a few?")

Publisher Participation

We will continue to take a measured and methodical approach to expanding this service. While the network is geared towards larger, well-subscribed publishers today (500+ subscribers), we're not leaving more targeted publishers behind. This is just our first announcement, we'll have more to talk about in the near future that will include any publisher who wants to jump in. In the meantime, many of our services are specifically designed to help you expand subscriber reach, attract fans and promote your content.

As always, FeedBurner will never do anything to your feed that you haven't explicitly asked us to do. It's your feed. We will soon roll out the tools that will provide a variety of monetization options. Don't want ads? No problem - don't select any of the monetization options. As we have said many times in the past, the free services we provide will remain free, and all of our services are and will always be optional.

Lastly, we know that many of you are gobsmacked by the creativity and subtle wordplay in the name of our ad network. We want you to know it was a close contest between "The FeedBurner Ad Network" and "Adz-n-Such." tag:

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