Monday, November 21, 2005

Link Popularity Software that increase page rank

What is Link Popularity?.

Link popularity is the total number of web sites that link to your site.

Because good link popularity can dramatically increase traffic to your web site. Well placed links are an excellent source of consistent and targeted traffic. And due to recent developments, they can even generate additional search engine traffic to your site.

Most of the major search engines now factor Link Popularity into their relevancy algorithms. As a result, increasing the number of quality, relevant sites which link to your site can actually improve your search engine rankings. There is still no one "secret trick" to getting good rankings, but boosting your site's popularity may give it the edge it needs.

Knowing who links to your site and increasing the number of quality links is an important part of any web site promotion effort. This free service allows you to query Google, Altavista, and Hotbot and reports on link popularity.

Link Popularity Softwares :

1. OptiLink is a link analysis tool for checking, monitoring, analyzing, predicting, and spying on your competitors' web page links, to reveal how web pages achieved their high search engine rankings, and find Super Affiliates and link exchange partners.

2. Arelis is a link popularity software program for finding and managing reciprocal link partners to increase web site link popularity ratings, which in turn improves search engine rankings.

3. OptiSpider is a website link structure analyzer that spiders a web site, provides a keyword count on every page, records the link text of every internal and external link, analyzes the page topic and link reputation, and summarizes the inbound, outbound, and offsite link counts.

4. PR Prowler is a software program that analyzes top search engine listings for link partners with high Google PageRank values.

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