Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Check link popularity, keyword rankings and unique back links

Most of the major search engines now factor Link Popularity ( back links) into their relevancy algorithms. As a result, increasing the number of quality, relevant sites which link to your site can actually improve your search engine rankings. There is still no one "secret trick" to getting good rankings, but boosting your site's popularity may give it the edge it needs.

Knowing who links to your site and increasing the number of quality links is an important part of any web site promotion effort. This free service allows you to query Google, Altavista, and Hotbot and reports on link popularity.

check free link popularity ,keywords rankings and unique back links from the following websites

1.Announce.com: This is free service where you can find link popularity of a website, Index report ( Number of pages indexed in search engines ) and keyword rankings

2.posttrades: The site is helpful to find unique back links for a perticular site and index report also.

3.Linkpopularity.com: Find backlinks in google, msn, yahoo, altavista.

4.webuildpages: This website has lot of useful free tools for search engine optimization. The tools useful for finding unique back links urls and anchor text on the back link url. it also has keywords ranking tool finds rank of a keyword in major search engines.

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