Sunday, December 04, 2005

Yahoo Publisher Network Debuts RSS Feed Ads

Yahoo Publisher Network Debuts RSS Feed Ads Yahoo Publisher Network, which is in beta testing, has added RSS feed advertising, available for MovableType and Wordpress powered blogs, to its selection of site and blog monetization and publishing tools. For those of you who have not heard of YPN yet, its is bascially Yahoo(YPN) Search Marketing’s answer to Google AdSense.

To activate the RSS feed advertising in the Yahoo Publisher Network admin, go to the Ad Setup area and select RSS Ad Layout. First register their RSS feed, and then generate the RSS ad code which is to be installed in the blog’s RSS template. I have not tested this part of Y!PN yet, but do understand that such implementation of contextual ads into RSS templates can be a bit tricky. Y!PN is offering a guide on doing so called the Ads in RSS Setup Guide, which is available on the ad setup page. I’m not sure how this implementation works with blogs that use Feedburner for RSS tracking. If you use Feedburner and have some insight on RSS Ad implementation and whether it works via FB service, please leave a comment below.

Personally I’m not very fond of RSS ads as a publisher because I’d rather have the end user visit the site, then be given a choice of ads.. especially if I’m running CPM based ads on the site along with pay-per-click contextual advertising such as Yahoo Pulisher Network or Google AdSense.

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