Tuesday, December 13, 2005

New! Google Releases Homepage API

Tonight, Google released a new service allowing developers the opportunity to create "modules" for the Google personalized homepage. Google software engineer, Adam Sah posts on the Google Blog in: Build your own Google homepage, that the Google Homepage API has been released. They even offer a collection of a few modules including a clock, a weather map, and a way to personalize the Google logo.

In other words, more tools for developers. Btw, this news comes on the same day that Yahoo renames their Konfabultor product, Yahoo Widgets. Widgets are small apps (calendars, image viewers, search tools, weather info, etc.) that are downloaded to the users desktop.

The Google Homepage API provides a way to put third party content onto the Google homepage. The main use of the Googe Homepage API is to create modules (mini-applications) that users can add to their Google personalized homepages. For example, you could create a photo album module, or a module that displays an interactive game. The API is designed to be simple enough that anyone can turn his or her web page or application into a module.


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