Tuesday, December 13, 2005

How to react to Google's latest AdWords change

Google has incorporated a new factor to its Quality Score. If you're advertising with Google AdWords, this new factor might influence the position of your ads and the minimum price you have to pay for your bids.

What is Google's Quality Score?

Google's Quality Score is Google's method to evaluate the position and the minimum bid of a text ad in Google AdWords. Google hasn't reveal ed all details about the Quality Score. All we knoe is that the text of an ad and the clickthrough rate are important factors that influence the position of your ad and the minimum price you have to pay per click.

Last week, Google announced that it would also include the landing page in the calculation of the Quality Score. That means that the web page that is linked to an AdWords ad will also be analyzed to determine the position and the price for the ad.

What does this mean to your AdWords ads?

If you bid for many different keywords, it might be that the prices for keywords that are only loosely related to your web site go up for you. The less a web page is related to the keyword, the more you have to pay to get an AdWords listing for that keyword.

What can you do to lower your per click prices?

To pay as little as possible for a click, you have to follow Google's quality guidelines. The better your ad, the less you have to pay per click:

* Make sure that your AdWords ads have compelling titles that inform web surfers about what they can expect on your site.

* Use interesting descriptions that are related to the keyword. If possible, include a call to action or a reason to click in your descriptions.

* Create more PPC landing pages that are directly related to your keywords.

* Make sure that your landing pages are relevant to what web surfers are looking for.

Google's latest change in the Quality Score won't hurt you if your ads are compliant to these points.


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