Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Innovative Moves in Search Engine Advertising

SeoChat wrote an article about New moves to Search Engine Advertizing.

Many people who handle SEO also must consider search engine advertising on one level or another. This article covers some different approaches to search engine advertising from Yahoo! and MSN. It leads off, however, with a small company that thinks outside the box when it comes to keyword search ads.

If you have placed keyword-related ads with search engines before, you know that it operates like an auction. Take Google AdWords, for instance. These ads are displayed next to search results for particular keywords. For keyword-targeted ads, advertisers specify the maximum amount of money they’re willing to pay for each click, and only pay when someone clicks on their ad. For site-targeted ads, advertisers pay for each 1000 impressions regardless of whether the ad is clicked or not.

Either way, if you want to get the top spot for your ad – which will give you the most views and, theoretically, the most success for your advertising campaign – you face a lot of competition. To quote from Google’s FAQ about how such ads are ranked: “Having relevant keywords and ad text, a high CPC [cost per click], and a strong CTR [click-through rate] will result in a higher position for your ad. Because this ranking system rewards well-targeted, relevant ads, you can’t be locked out of the top position as you would be in a ranking system based solely on price.”

Nevertheless, the maximum cost-per-click plays an important role in where your ad will appear. And some words may go for upwards of $40. Is there a way to reach your target audience without busting your bank account?

A year-old start-up company in Mumbai, India, believes it has the answer to this problem. Named Pinstorm, the company’s team offers its clients a combined 35 years of experience in online marketing. Its international scope is already breathtaking; its search marketing reaches across 13 languages and 204 countries. Its magic formula, if it can be called that, would be familiar to Apple fans: think differently. Read full 4 page article at SeoChat.
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