Monday, December 05, 2005

Steve near to Six figure income mark

Steve Pavlina who started blogging since last year has started earning 4700$ per month now. He started earning as low as 10$ per month in early days and he's goal is to reach six figure income next year.

Last month this site generated over $4700 in income for me, about 98% of it from advertising and the rest from affiliate programs. My income goal for the year was to reach $3000/month (from this site that is — this isn’t my primary source of income). In January of this year I made less than $10 from this site, so that’s a nice increase. Aside from adding new content, every month I dive through the metrics and do more experimenting and optimizing. This year my plan was to put down a solid foundation for future growth without concerning myself too much with making an income from it — the second year will be a lot more exciting. Even if I did nothing but continue to write new content and stopped working on optimization altogether, I’d be very surprised if this site generated less than $100,000 next year, so I expect I’ll soon be joining the ranks of six-figure bloggers

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